Is there a free trial of Showmaster?

Absolutely! Please use and test Showmaster FREE as long as you like and review it throughly in your real use cases. Most features are available in Showmaster FREE, too! Upgrading to Showmaster PRO will then remove the watermark in the animation and unlock additional features.

How do I activate my Showmaster license?

Please follow the instructions here.

Help! Showmaster plays the preview but does not play in PowerPoint slide show mode!

Please go to the "Slide Show" ribbon in PowerPoint and click "Set Up Slide Show". Make sure that "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" is not checked. Also make sure that you are using PowerPoint 2019 or later.

How to cancel my subscription?

When you receive your license key, there is a 'Terminate Subscription' link in this e-mail which you just need to click. The subject of the e-mail is: "Your Showmaster PRO license key".
Alternatively, we have a very simple 'Terminate Subscription' button, directly within the Showmaster add-in under 'License Manager'.

How can I integrate my logo into the Showmaster animation?

Your logo needs to be in a native native vector graphics format with the file suffix SVG. It is not possible to use simple PNGs or to simply embed a PNG in a SVG. This is to ensure highest quality of the animation without pixels, compression artifacts, with perfect transparency and most importantly: Only using SVGs, we are able to animate your logo building up in an impressive manner which would technically be impossible with simple PNG files. In addition, SVGs have a minimum file size. As they are embedded in the actual PPT file, they do not blow up your presentation size.
If you do not have an SVG logo file, please contact your graphics designer or your department for corporate design.

If I send a PPT presentation file with Showmaster to another person, what would they see?

The other user will see a pop up in PowerPoint to trust Showmaster. The add-in will then install automatically and can be used immediately. If the presentation has been configured with Showmaster PRO features, such as customized themes, these will remain active even for the other users who do not have an own Showmaster PRO license. If the presentation is being presented from a device without a Showmaster PRO license, the FREE watermark will be shown.

Do I need an internet connection to use Showmaster?

Yes, Showmaster is running in the cloud, so an internet connection is necessary. The advantage is that it can be used across any devices, even in Microsoft Office Online.

Why can't participants in an online meeting hear the music?

Please make sure to share computer audio in your online meeting tool.

Why is the Present in Teams button in PowerPoint not working with Showmaster?

This is currently a limitation of the Office API. Please use normal screensharing or use our native Microsoft Teams App instead.

Can I export the Showmaster animation as a static video?

Showmaster is not about composing static films, as there are many video composing applications out there. The unique advantage of Showmaster is its interactivity. The animation is dynamically rendered at runtime to meet the entered target time (e.g. presentation start at 9:00 sharp) and dynamically bridges the time until this time, no matter when the show was started. Furthermore, the audience can even interact with the animation and post their feedback or input into the running animation. All this would never be possible in a static film. However, creating screencasts or recordings of the Showmaster animation using 3rd party tools is of course possible. Please remember that it is not permitted to redistribute recordings of the music in public.