Take your presentations to the next level with an array of exciting animations, countdown and music themes, framing your upcoming talk.
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Create a stunning intro for your presentations.

Showmaster™ creates an exciting frame around your presentation during the waiting time and breaks with headlines, countdown, music and more.

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom.


Showmaster is free to use.

Showmaster™ is free to use with a subtle watermark, showing ‘Made with Showmaster FREE’. Get Showmaster PRO to remove the watermark for professional use and unlock all features.

Showmaster is typically used in trainings, webinars, keynotes, conferences, customer presentations, large internal company meetings, townhall meetings, church services and more.


Showmaster includes a great set of features. Most of them are available in the free version as well.


Create a beautiful countdown timer until the defined start time of your presentation. Showmaster will automatically bridge the time until your presentation starts or continues.

Audience Feedback

Ask your audience to enter any input using their smart phones, such as expectations, pre-knowledge or feedback. You can even display their input live during the show.

Animated Headlines

Announce your upcoming content with meaningful headlines to set the scene for your talk.

Logo Animations

Select your SVG company logo and Showmaster will incorporate it into the animations in a stunning way.


New themes will be continuously added to Showmaster. If you would like to integrate your corporate design, you may request a custom theme.


Showmaster comes with a collection of selected music themes which are great to be used before and after presentations.

PowerPoint Integration

Showmaster integrates seamlessly into Microsoft PowerPoint. When you switch to presentation mode, Showmaster automatically steps in.

Meeting Integration

You can also launch Showmaster directly from your online meeting in Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex using one of our app integrations.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

"I am loving this tool and the attention to detail (e.g., separately animating the layers of my SVG logo – well done!! 😊)"

Lars Kemmann, coept.io | Apr 18th, 2023

"I am a huge Showmaster advocate, not only at Toyota, but I’ve also presented about it in Microsoft Champions calls, and with other customers and service providers. Congratulations on developing a terrific product!"

Alex Kattar, OneTech Group | Apr 14th, 2023

"So much better than just a pure countdown! The animations are looking really nice, I use the tool regularly! I would recommend installing the additional Chrome App, otherwise the animation does not start automatically in presentation mode."

from Google Marketplace | Apr 21st, 2022

"Excellent add-in for lecturers! This add-in is great for spicing up online or offline courses. Besides the opening, I like to use the add-in for coffee breaks etc., so that the participants know exactly when we’ll continue."

from Microsoft AppSource | Mar 13th, 2022

"By far the fanciest plugin I have found on AppSource so far!"

from Microsoft AppSource | Jan 18th, 2022

"A software to make your presentations more eye-catching. It offers variety of features to customize your presentations’ appearance by adding music, countdowns animations etc. to your presentations to catch the audience’s attention by making them more interactive."

from Gartner Digital Markets | Dec 19th, 2022

"Showmaster allows us to bridge the waiting time between our event PPT presentations in a much more pleasant and vivid way."

mevitco UG | Oct 5th, 2021